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My Therapist Helped Change Suicidal Thoughts

Most people with borderline personality disorder struggle with strong, frequent suicidal thoughts. In fact, BPD has one of the highest rated of suicide among all…

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6 Lessons From My Inpatient Hospitalization

I first walked through the doors of my local psychiatric hospital over two years ago. I felt so terrified that I could barely speak. Somehow…

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How An IOP Program Helped Me Find Myself

The first time I walked into the doors at my local psychiatric hospital to start their Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), I was absolutely terrified… so terrified…

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How You Can Help Prevent Suicide

I have a very serious confession to make: I have tried to die by suicide. I have made 3 attempts; my first being at age…

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When BPD Makes You Think In Extremes

I constantly struggle with “black and white thinking,” meaning I see only one side of the coin, only the darkness but not the light, everything…

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