About Living On The Borderline And Megan Glosson

About Living On The Borderline

“Living On The Borderline” is a borderline personality disorder blog. Posts focus on symptom manifestation, everyday life with BPD, and other related topics including parenting, therapy, and more. The goal of sharing these stories is to raise awareness, increase accurate knowledge, and reduce the negative stigma regarding this particular mental illness.

Though this blog’s main focus is directly related to borderline personality disorder, it is just one person’s perspective. This blog is not for medical or mental health advice.

About The Author: Megan Glosson

Megan Glosson is an avid writer and editor. She’s currently published on The Mighty, Project Wednesday, Thought Catalog, Unwritten, Words Between Coasts, YourTango, HerStoryBlog, and MSN. She is an advocate for the mental health, disability, and LGBT communities, using her writing to educate and spread awareness. Megan is very open about her struggles with borderline personality disorder and hopes to diminish the negative stigma regarding the condition.

Megan is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University (B.Mus, 2010). Currently, Megan serves as a content editor for Unwritten and a behavioral health tech/recovery coach for a rehab facility. She hopes to eventually become a mental health professional focused on BPD and its treatment though Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

Megan is a mother of two daughters who describe themselves as “beautiful, smart, and big hearted.” She resides in Murfreesboro, TN with her children and three cats. Megan loves board games, adventures to lands near and far, and a good bowl of ice cream.